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Alibaba Şarküteri – The Story begins ……

Just a few months or so ago we watched this shop start its new life in Mahmutlar.

We had no idea what it was going to be.

When the first refurbishments were taking place we first guessed it would be a barber shop, then maybe a small bar or cafe.

But the big give away was when we saw pictures of SUCUK and CHEESE being put on the shop windows and two large cooling counters were installed.

We guessed right then – it was going to be a deli

It opened around a month ago and we learned from the owner Mehmet that is was not just an ordinary deli, it was actually an organic deli and he has many plans for development.

So we decided to find out as much as we can about this amazing shop, watch it grow and share it with you all as Mehmet develops his plans.

Today we are visiting Alibaba Şarküteri to find out about what cheeses are offered and where they are sourced …… so more later (hope we get samples)