Chocolate Cheesecake – The Best Ever

CHOCOLATE CHEESECAKE – Do you know want to know where to buy the best chocolate cheesecake in Mahmutlar?
I am a real cheesecake lover and I have completely forgotten to share this little secret with you.
I love the  gooey, sticky proper cheesecake that you can’t lick off the roof of your mouth when you are eating it.
For many years I could never find a cheesecake in Turkey that truly satisfied my cravings.
Last year I did have a round strawberry cheesecake in Hanci that fitted the bill and was delightful. But I went back for a second time and what looked like the same cake was too light and sugary. More a cream cake than a cheesecake.  
A couple of months ago we met friends in the new Citirim which opened on the Dortyol roundabout in Mahmutlar. 
I ordered strawberry cheesecake as it looked perfect on the menu card, just what the doctor ordered. My husband followed my lead.
Our friends ordered a chocolate cake they had eaten there before which they said was wonderful. 
Now I don’t think I actually turned green when the waitress brought the orders but it was very hard to hide the flashes of jealousy which rose inside me when I saw what they had. Their ‘chocolate cake’ was, in fact,  a rich and delicious looking chocolate cheesecake. The kind of chocolate cheesecake I have only ever found in the UK.
Of course I was polite and enthused about my strawberry cheesecake but in my heart of hearts I was devastated. All those calories going in me and I was sat watching other people eat the very thing I now craved.
What is a girl to do?
Well that’s an easy answer – go back the next day and order the chocolate cheesecake! 
Ha ha!!! It was every bit as good as it looked. So good that we went back again three days later and ordered the same thing and we have been back several times since then!!!! Well every girl has to have a treat every now and again, and again, and again and again.
Now I am trying desperately to resist the temptation everytime I pop out for milk and bread.  
The only way out for me now is to order three or four in one sitting and make myself feel so utterly queasy so that I can’t face it ever again. 
But that would be greedy wouldnt it? And worse still, what if that doesn’t actually work? 
Despite my new addiction I am encouraging you to try it for yourself. if you are a cheesecake lover and you know exactly what I mean by PROPER PROPER cheesecake – then get yourself down to Citirim.
Tell me if I am wrong!!!! 
But be warned – Summer is here and beach bodies don’t look great with chocolate cheesecakes hanging off your hips.
Trust me – I know!. 
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