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Charlie’s Caretta Caretta Turtles : the Baby Turtle Protector

Charlie’s Caretta Caretta Turtles. We knew that the eggs from the nests of Caretta Caretta Turtles would start hatching any day soon but what we didn’t know was that there are more nests on Izzys Beach than we first thought.

Since June, every time a turtle came onto the beach to lay her eggs, Izzys would safely fence off the nest to ensure the eggs were not disturbed. Since then everyone has been keeping watch over these nests waiting for the emergence of the first tiny babies.

But very late last night, in fact in the early hours of the morning Charlie became a Baby Turtle Hero.

Out of the blue, around 4 a.m. Charlie’e ears pricked up and he started to look towards the beach. Izzy thought his behaviour was strange but just told him to calm down as it was so late and they were about to go home. Charlie wouldn’t settle and started getting more and more excited and looking down the beach with a mixture of confusion and anticipation. He then started to make his way down to the beach and Izzy saw him staring, transfixed at something underneath one of the sun-beds. Izzy went to investigate.

Out of the sand, under that sun-bed, appeared one tiny little flipper, then another and another. This was the first nest of turtles hatching and a nest that was not even in a cordoned off area. Izzy didn’t even realise there was a nest in that particular spot. The mother turtle must have arrived before all the others and laid her eggs unnoticed the sun-beds. Fortunately it remained undisturbed and no-one would have known the eggs were hatching had Charlie not had such acute hearing and been so alert to any strange noise on the beach area.

Once hatched the turtles were running in all directions and some, we are sure, would not have got to the safety to the sea without the help and support of Izzy and his staff. They stayed there until every single one finished the journey and swam out into the ocean.

Charlie behaviour throughout all this was exemplary. He stayed quiet, didn’t chase the babies and seemed to understand what a special event it was. He should be really proud of himself. He is now the official guardian of baby turtles. He has also proved we have a fantastic first warning system in place in Charlie, which should give us an alert as soon as there is movement from the next 9 nests.

Thankfully we have an amazing video from Izzy showing these first eggs hatching. We love this video because he catches the little ones emerging from the sand and it captures the wonder and awe such a sight gives any person lucky enough to be there to watch.

Hopefully then with Charlie’s help we will be able to down to the beach in time to catch one of the nests with our light and camera and film the whole thing while others check the safety of the babies’ safe journey to the ocean.

Charlies Caretta Caretta Turtles Video

Remember this when you are booking your next meal out …..Not only do you always get first class cuisine at Izzys Beach Restaurant. But added to this, every night until the end of September, if you are dining on Izzy’s Beach you could also be witness to a nest hatching. We know it will happen at least 9 times until the end of September, but this nest wasn’t even on the list of 9 – so how many more are there!!!!!

Charlies Turtles Images

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