The Floating Restaurants of Dim Cay

The source of the Dim River is about 35 miles from Alanya on the southern side of the of the Taurus contains.

It is on the eastern outskirts of Alanya and is accessible via a road from Tosmur or Kestel.

The source of the river is at a small village called Dimalacami where a beautiful water falls and cut through the valley forming a deep and beautiful canyon.

Construction of a large damn at the top of the valley was started in 2004

The valley behind it began flooding is 2008/2009 as the water filled the reservoir.

The damn has played a vital role in ensuring a consistent supply of electricity and water for the rapidly growing city of Alanya and its many districts. It is very picturesque and you should always drive here and look at the damn before dropping back to the restaurants in the valley.

The River is hugely popular with locals as well as tourists. All along the river you will find lots of brightly coloured restaurants with floating pontoons and tables and chairs built into the river bed itself.

When the water table is low you can even eat at your table with your feet in the cool water

Some restaurants offer swimming and diving in the river with water slides and fountains. Some have their own swimming pools with water warmer than the river because not matter how hot it is the water from the river is always freezing.

During the summer there are lots of visitors to the restaurants, including Turkish people who like to go the Dim Valley for a relaxing day away from hot, loud and busy Alanya.

Sundays are always packed and full of Turkish families.

Dim Cay is great for Turkish Breakfast where you table will be filled with so many different dishes of food you will be spoilt for choice. They also serve excellent fish, grills and Turkish cuisine.


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